Goal Setting For Health

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Goal Setting For Health

1 Get specific.  Make it clear exactly what you plan to do.

2 Be realistic. Don’t plan a marathon if you’ve never run before. Realistic means achievable.

3 Challenge yourself. Select something you’re about 85 percent sure you can do.

4 Set long- and short-term goals. Short-term goals should lead gradually to your larger, long-term goal.

5 Write your goals down. You can look at them when your motivation sags to remind you where you’re headed.

6 Develop goal-achievement strategies. For example, if you want to quit smoking, read up on the current medications and look into support groups.

7 Consider your personality. Tailor your tools and strategies to your needs, ability level and interests.

8 Develop commitment. This means you stick to your game plan in good times and in bad.

9 Gather support. Surround yourself with enthusiastic, supportive people, even if it means meeting some new ones.

10 Evaluate your progress. Constant evaluation keeps setbacks in perspective – when viewed against the bigger picture, these events lose their devastating power. Expect the unexpected -- and make adjustments in response.

I'm currently on a weight loss journey and I've lost 8 lbs in two weeks. My goal is 60lbs down by Summer 2017.  I'll keep you posted. One thing I removed completely is Sugar. I love how I feel without it.